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Stocks! And not the expensive kind.

About Explodeycakes!

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This is EXPLODEYCAKES!, the graphics and junk journal of dorkdance at LJ. You'll find icons, wallpapers, resources, and the occasional layout tutorial here.

Stocks! And not the expensive kind.

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hc -- hayden red.
So I was lying around in my backyard yesterday, taking pictures of my nephew running around through the sprinkler, and I thought, "Huh. The sky is pretty today." The kid gave me a weird look when I started taking more pictures of my surroundings than of him, but oh well -- cool result nonetheless.

And the images were huge, because my digital camera's resolution is so high. Which means good image quality for y'all, I guess, even though I resized them from closer to 3000px wide, down to 1024x768px. If you can use them, feel free; just don't crop them down and re-post them as your own [I expect not to recognize them if you recycle them into your own resources, dammit!] because that ain't cool.

Click to download *.zip.

Please comment if you download these, so I can track bandwidth. And, y'know. Credit would be cool. Thanks!
  • These are great. If I do end up using them I'll credit. Thank you!
  • this is great. i am snagging. thank you :)
  • Ooh awesome! Snagged and will definitely credit. Thanks!
  • Taking, thanks. These look lovely ♥
  • This is *perfect*! Thanks so much for sharing :)

    I'm constantly looking for nice backgrounds for my pictures, so I'm eagerly snagging oyur resources & will credit you when used (though, as a little warning, I'll probably modify them a bit) :(
    • Modification is absolutely fine, as long as you don't upload the stocks as icon textures or something. :D
  • Downloading because I loooooove(!) grass. :D Thanks so much.
  • snagging, shall credit
  • Very nice! Downloading. Thanks~ :3
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