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Graphics and Junk by Magz

explodeycakes! :: Graphics and Junk by Magz
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   explodeycakes is the creation of dorkdance, who wanted to unclutter her personal LJ by moving all graphics-related stuff somewhere else. That's really about it. Resources are found in this post.

   By visiting explodeycakes, it's implied that you'll:
     01. Credit dorkdance or explodeycakes for what you snagged. If you don't know how, check out the FAQ.
     02. Refrain from hotlinking. I pay for my bandwidth; please don't steal it. Hotlinked images will be replaced with signs proclaiming you to be a thief.
     03. Refrain from customizing my graphics. Blanks are blank for a reason; likewise, please don't crop wallpapers into headers or do anything else to alter the images.
     04. Refrain from reposting things I made on other websites without my express permission, stealing them and saying they're yours, and otherwise being an asshat.

   Coding based on this layout by amavel_bel.
   Header photo by dorkdance.
   Header texture by inxsomniax.

   If you'd like to affiliate, just drop a comment with the name of your creative journal on any post. To use one of the linking buttons below, please first upload it to your own server.